Hover (No BS web hosting. I've had confusing hosts and Hover is the best.)

Onnit (Exercise DVDs, Health Foods, Kettlebells, Nootropics. The best supplements or your money back.)

Amazon (Everybody shops at Amazon. If you bookmark this link and use it when you visit Amazon, that supports the website at no additional cost to you.)


Sleeping on Ceilings - (Official Site of TMC's solo musical project.)

Bandcamp - (Streaming/Purchase of SoC albums + odds & ends.)

FB - BBW / SoC / TMC


aSoftBlackStar (Make-Up & Beauty Blog.)

GoodBuy Girls (Nashville's best boutique for women.)

Tanya Montana Coe (My sister has recorded her first album which will be release soon on Thee Medea Complex.)

The Trinity Schill Kill (I manage an electro-pop band. For fans of early Prince & Michael Jackson.)

Hello Boys (Nashville's best boutique for men.)

Infinity Prints (My friend Travis is a talented artist, exploring alchemical themes through woodcuts.)

Lauren Wray (L. Wray, from American Pickers. Manager at Antique Archeology in Nashville.)

Midnight Rider (THE place to get Townes Van Zandt & Waylon Jennings merch & much more.)


Bulletproof Executive (Dietetic/Life-Hacking Information. Great forum community. BP Coffee.)


Al's Shaving (The best shaving creams made to brush lather. Very "natural" scents.)

Barrister & Mann (My favorite shaving soaps. Classic & contemporary scents. Superior lather.)

How to Grow a Moustache (All-Things-Man website. Maker of Synergy soaps.)

KnockOut Shave (Al's creams in upgraded scents. The best of the best. Mugs & brushes, too.)

Queen Charlotte (Luxury shaving soaps, creams & other products. Highly recommended.)

Sharpologist (Shaving & Grooming, Review & Tutorial)

Wicked_Edge (a Reddit community)