Oct 9, 2015

SkyMall + booze = drunkMall

screenshot of drunkMall home page

Probably the only reason I'm not crushed under a boulder of debt right now is that my traveling days came to an end just as in-flight WiFi became a thing.

Falling into the category of people who need to drink before getting on an airplane, giving me a copy of SkyMall and the ability to apply a credit card to outrageous purchases right then and there would have been much too great a temptation for me to resist.

Indeed, if you Google "craziest drunk online purchases" or some such similar query, you'll get a good laugh out of the things your fellow Americans decide they must own while in a drunken state: an entire pallet of Campbell's soup, bagpipes, 10,000 ladybugs - you name it. The true wonder here, though, is that: until now, inebriated e-shoppers had to seek out these products. Until now, there hasn't been a catalog site designed with the buzzed browser in mind, putting everything in on place.

Until drunkMall...