Nov 8, 2013

This Is What Happened to the David Allan Coe Band, or: Becoming the Centre of the Universe

Tyler Mahan Coe playing guitar with father David Allan Coe

[Despite my clarifications within this article, many people seem to think I'm lambasting my father and criticising his career. That is not the case. I'm a bigger David Allan Coe fan than you are - hands down, no question. I've posted my Top 50 DAC songs. Click that link. You'll probably learn some things you don't know.]

Today is my birthday. I've been breathing for 29 years, of which this last has brought monumental change, the type that brings about reevaluation of those preceding. There is, though, one thing I am asked about every single day: why am I no longer playing guitar for the DAC band?

So this is what happened.

My father told me I was a member of his band when I was 15 years old. We were in the back of a stretch limo on the way back from his picking me up at the Orlando airport. I'd been visiting my mother in Tennessee, not having seen her in the year since I left home after finding brochures to military schools in our mail.

"You been practicing your guitar chords?"

'Yeah.' <--- LIE

"Good. I'm recording a live album in three days. You're on it."

Little family chats like that are how you lose a decade of your life.

I was now the "rhythm" guitar player for the David Allan Coe band. "Rhythm" because that's the label that stuck despite the wild permutations of its reality. Initially I played a six-string acoustic, seated, cheat sheets of the chord progressions to every song taped to the floor beneath me. With a full band, my contributions to the show were insignificant, to be sure.

I was, however, determined to get good at my instrument. I eventually did, only to discover that it didn't matter how well I performed any given night. If my father decided the show wasn't going to go well then it wasn't going to go well. Thanks to his practice of introducing me as his son at the end of nearly every show and then leaving while I stayed behind to help load out, I became the unofficial Complaints Dept...


a Top Ten list of complaints received by Author, in person and otherwise, and Author's response

  1. "Your/his guitar is too loud!" You're right. It is. My father has hearing loss and refuses to hire (or heed advice given by) professional audio technicians because that would make it much more difficult to pretend there is a problem with the sound, which he would do, without fail, every night, for reasons ultimately known only to himself. His guitar amp is the loudest thing I've ever heard. Some people will tell you that my guitar amp is the loudest thing they've ever heard. That would be because they were standing directly in front of my amp, which was at a volume sufficient to allow myself to be able to hear it beneath my father's.
  2. "Everything sounds distorted!" That'd be the volume again. The man you saw running around the stage putting his head in front of various speakers was doing his best to make things sound okay but he was not a professional sound tech. Even if he was, he was being asked to perform an impossible task. A "band" comprised of three electric guitars and a drummer is just not going to sound like anything you're used to, especially in "country" music. I developed a technique of playing bass notes with my thumb and cranked the lows on my EQ but there's only so much that can be done.
  3. "He didn't play his own songs!" This is and isn't a valid complaint. I don't want to spend a lot of time on it. Briefly: I loved playing all the Waylon Jennings songs that we played. They are great songs and Waylon isn't around to do them anymore. Conversely, I hated playing songs by, say, Toby Keith, because there was no reason for us to be doing that. It was frustrating but ultimately a life lesson on what you can and can't control.
  4. "He only played pieces of his songs!" Same as the last. The medleys were a lot of fun when the transitions felt organic. Other times, they felt like a deliberate attempt to keep the show from going well. I know this could seem to you as if I'm bitterly saying these outlandish things but ask anyone who's ever played for David Allan Coe and they'll confirm what I'm saying. Too, I am so emotionally detached from everything being discussed on this list. They weren't my decisions.
  5. "He didn't play any songs!" While an obvious exaggeration, yes, there were nights it seemed he took the stage only to rant and complain about never having received his just rewards from critics, etc. I probably found this more annoying than anyone else because as it happened I was standing on stage, in front of everyone, doing nothing, like an asshole, with a heavy Gibson SG hanging from my neck.
  6. "It's hot!" I know. My father's skin and vocal chords are sensitive to the sudden changes in temperature found in air conditioned environments. I seem to have inherited this from him so I can say it is a valid requirement for him to perform.
  7. "He only played an hour and they said it was a two hour show!" They lied.
  8. "He's late!" I know.
  9. "That vocal effect he's using sounds terrible!" I know.
  10. "That woman sounds terrible!" I know.

So, okay, you deal with all of that for years because it's your father and family is family. And I would have kept dealing with all of it. I would have fought uphill until my father said, "Enough."


I try to be nice and consider the feelings of others. It's what has kept me so evasive on this subject until now. The dilemma is that I've been put in a situation where my personal reputation and the weight of my word is being called in to question. Some may say to let the truth be known eventually and that there is dignity in remaining silent in situations such as these. Problem is that I'm no martyr. 

To be fair, I don't like her. So I've told you that up front...

There is a photocopy of a letter being posted throughout cyberspace. A letter written in my father's hand. The implication is that every person in his life, except his wife, abandoned him after his recent auto accident. Certainly, it doesn't make sense to me that every person in someone's life would take a hike because that person had an accident. Must be something else going on there...

A Lesson in Subterfuge

The first thing you want to do is get in close with the target. Then you do everything you can to erode the stability of every standing relationship the target had previous to your arrival. First, lower employees, pawns. They're easy. A small maneuver and they're history. Then, you're chipping away at the back row. Anyone who has decision making capabilities has to go. Anyone who controls money has to go. Friends who may take it upon themselves to offer advice to the target have to go. Family? This may prove difficult, as some family will no doubt see what you're doing, but family absolutely must go. The target has to believe that you are the only person who has their interest at heart. Never relent and you will succeed in your task.

Back to that weird letter then...

Bruce and Linda Smith are good people. They did NOT steal anything from my father. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or was lied to by a liar. Bruce Smith dedicated more of the time and energy of his life to my father than did any other living person, with no exception, including myself. That's a fact. Bruce did quit his position as management for my father. In my opinion, he made a respectable decision to withdraw himself from a situation where his honor had been called in to question one too many times by a person whose own sense of honor seems non-existent.

The members of the David Allan Coe band did NOT quit their positions or abandon anyone. Steve Wood and Jake Stringer did not "abandon" their employer in a difficult time. They weren't even contacted about continuing in their positions as touring band members. Let no person call into question their professional integrity.

I did NOT quit my job working for my father. The last contact I received from David Allan Coe was a text from him telling me that he was going to play some shows by himself, without a band, to get back into the swing of things and then we'd figure things out from there. That was in response to a text that I had sent him, telling him that I would do everything that I could to keep him touring with a good band. After he told me that he was going to do some solo shows, I contacted him with some information about a record label in Europe who is hoping to reissue some of his older material. I received no response about that and shortly thereafter found out that he was performing shows with an entirely new band. My feelings were deeply hurt when I learned that he was announcing onstage that his entire band had quit him and everyone had "abandoned" him when this was not the case. It became clear that my attempts to contact him were being deliberately ignored and I have no idea why.

So that's what happened.

Make no mistake. This is not a tirade or reproach. I'm simply getting rid of the weight of keeping this shit a secret. I'm moving ahead. I'm going back to Nashville to be around the rest of my family. I have zero desire to be in another touring band at this time. I want to put distance between myself and those who would piss on the legacy of my surname.

Today is my birthday. I've been breathing for 29 years.

Thank you for your time. Are there any questions?



  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    your honesty is refreshing... i shall forward this to our mutual friend bandana

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM

      Funny your "Truth" didn't mention your drug arrest, or that you're a drug addict and a felon, or the fact you didn't go see your own Father after his accident. You also failed to mention that Bruce let you drink and do drugs when you stayed with him. You also failed to mention that the lady you dislike so much saved you from going to jail! You running your Dad through the mud shows what kind of person you really are! He doesn't have much time left on this earth and you post this pack of lies all because after you never came to see you Dad in the hospital he didn't ask you to come back. People believing this need to know the TRUTH! Bruce was indeed STEALING FROM David and NONE of them showed up when David was close to death! THIS is the TRUTH!

    2. Corey Smith10:16 PM

      Funny your comment hasn't been deleted as fast as the others. Sounds like Bruce Smith wrote this.

    3. What comments have been deleted?

    4. I think the best thing to do is to CALL your Dad Tyler. All this doesn't need to be plastered all over the internet. Especially now that your blog has been posted on the and websites. Just a suggestion.

    5. Well. If you had just badmouthed me then I'd simply ignore you. I can't let your denigrations of an innocent man go unanswered on my website. Not that any of this concerns the public but since you took it upon yourself or, more likely, were told to post all that nonsense:

      My father and Kim supplied me with alcohol and cigarettes from the time I was 15 years old. Bruce Smith always had a strict "no drugs" policy on his bus, which, yeah, I broke, but he wasn't complicit in my actions in any way.

      My felony is for possession of LSD, to which an addiction is not possible. I don't do any drugs because jail isn't awesome. I know that jail isn't awesome because I've been to jail. I've been to jail because nobody "saved" me from going to jail. I used Kim's lawyer friend for my initial court appearance and he was such a joke that the judge and prosecutor directly addressed me almost exclusively during the hearing. I sought different counsel for the following proceedings.

      Bruce Smith was making plans to get to FL as soon as he found out about my father's accident. Then his loyalty was questioned one time too many. I was planning a trip after that but the unexpected cessation of income put me in a more serious financial predicament than I suspected. I have saved the text messages between my father and I on the matter. I'm not running anyone through the mud. I'm distributing objective truths. You might not be familiar with the concept.

      I've seen a hundred people do what you're doing. You think you're inside. You think you have friends. You think they need you. They don't. When they're done with you, that's it. I hope you don't take it too hard when it happens. Good luck with that shift key and those exclamation marks.

    6. ?? I simply made a suggestion that you call your Dad.

    7. The comments on this website are confusing, Leo. I was responding to the "Anonymous" post from 10:01pm:

      Thanks for the suggestion but, yeah, already tried that and I'm done now.

      Aside from that, the other day, before posting all of this, I randomly recalled that watch you gave me many years ago. That was a really nice gesture and I still appreciate it.

    8. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Anonymous, I would challenge you to examine yourself and your opinions. Also note that in the initial blog entry Tyler Coe spoke respectfully, directly, and his truth with this situation. HIS. You sir are not the son of David Allan Coe correct? You have zero understanding and your opinion is coming across lethal and venomous. For what? For why? Because you are a 'fan', 'friend', 'associate' or some other surface level relationship? This is a son who is also a man that went out for 15 years of his life for the purpose of supporting his father. It's admirable and warrants a true story of experience. Do not be soo arrogant to imagine the DAC tour being a safe heaven for a 15 yr old. It's surprising that a minor made it out if the DAC tour alive. Especially a 15 yr old whose fatherly example was def out of the norm and his touring lifestyle should have road him and ruined a boy. Instead of focusing on the negative focus on the love and dedication shown for the majority of Tyler Coes life playing what sounded to me like lead guitar for the DAC band. A traveling remmebrance of the height of his fathers career. His fathers dream.

      Mr. Tyler Coe,
      Happy Birthday! I admire your unwavering love for your father and willingness to bring your truth to the light. I look forward to reading more of where your journey takes you. I am sorry for anyone who finds themselves willing to attack a time of release. I think I know you wrote this for you, not the 'critics' or for any of our opinions. And that is beautiful. Your words have always encouraged me and shame on anyone who attacks from an anonymous position. You are courageous and inspiring for putting your name where your heart is! Sooo excited for your next work!!!

      Ashleigh E. Cromer

    9. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Your a DA. JEALOUSY

    10. Alicia7:51 PM

      I spent my life know n woman named sophia n lil town n ohio n lil bar called picks. She n we love dac.

    11. Corinne Evans10:10 AM

      I saw David Allen Coe about 20 years ago, and that was my complaint.....too, too loud! Luckily, I had ear buds with me, and with them, I could actually enjoy the show. It's too bad this happened to you, but he is not the first to lose insight after sucess. Good luck to you, and let your wounds heai. It's not your fault.

    12. Anonymous12:37 PM

      a heavy Gibson SG hanging from my neck. you must have been hung over when you wrote that

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Your candor is refreshing! Everyone wonders but nobody really knows until they are told the truth. There's always 2 sides to a pancake! Old people can be cantankerous and hard to handle. Of course! I admire your ability to use your brain. You are wise beyond your years. We always wish you the best! Good luck with SoC and keep on keeping on!

  3. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Happy Birthday

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    1. Happy birthday! 2. My husband and I never believed you abandoned your father. We thought it was some show biz gimmick. Also we saw your frustration from time to time. You are an excellent guitarist and writer. Some of the stories you have posted over the years, wow...the craziest things I ever read! We also saw Jake let it out at the end of a few shows. We wish you the best life has to offer. Look forward to your future posts.

  5. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I am so proud of you for this Tyler. There are so many good things for you in your future. I love you lots. Grandma B.

  6. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Wow Tyler, that was awesome. It takes a big man to stand up and set the record straight. As always I am very proud of you. Now YOU can take control of your life and be all that I have always known you could be. Happy Birthday again and thank goodness you are still breathing. :) Love you lots, Aunt Sue

  7. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Thank you for your candor. My husband and I saw one of DAC's shows a few years ago, and the frustration you were feeling was painfully obvious. Good luck, Tyler! You have more fans and supporters than you realize.

  8. Tyler, I feel you. You know I understand.

    1. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Tyler happy birthday this is jeff from 2002

  9. I reckon that's straight shootin' right there and well written Tyler. It's at least a national epidemic of people who can't say the plain truth to each other these days. Your letter here though expresses a kind-hearted treatment by you to your ailing and aging Dad and thoughtfull support to his long time band, employees and friends. You've got my support. All the best to you & yours. 'preciate ya

  10. MR BANDANA12:25 AM


  11. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Great and honest piece. I must admit I was sad to read these things about DAC. He is one of the greatest songwriters to walk mother earth and one of the most important artists in country music. Its too bad he can't make peace with his legacy and what he has meant to country music. Good for you for moving forward and lifting the weight.

  12. Thanks Tyler for putting that out there. You hit the nail on the head with that lesson in subterfuge. I saw that clearly when I was in Daytona. She accused me and my friend of stealing when we had been there begging donations for 13 hrs that day. And we never got paid anything! so who's stealing?(I'll bet David didn't know she didn't pay us). I love your Daddy and wish he could open his eyes. Best of luck to you Tyler

  13. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I have seen about 50 David Allan Coe shows. I have been the promoter rep. for about 20-25 DAC shows starting in 1992. I met you and Bruce the same year (your mom brought you to the show). I know Bruce very well and have often wondered how he could do his job day after day, year after year. Your dad was very lucky to have Bruce as his Tour Manager/Friend for all those years. He will NEVER have a more dedicated, honest, hard working person work for him like Bruce did ever again. He blew it. I watched the video of you and your dad singing "Daddy what if..." and your dad was fighting back the tears when you sang "Daddy what if I stopped loving you what would happen then..." He struggled to sing his verse and was fighting to hold it together to finish the song. Your dad should watch that video and remember how much he loved you when you two sang that song.
    I wish you and Bruce as well as the band the best of luck. I hope your dad can see how much he needs all of his friends and family. He is 74 and won't be around forever. He is wasting valuable time being "David Allan Coe" when at this point in his life he needs to spend more time being David or Dad. I have heard him say many times "I know what it is like to be David Allan Coe, you don't". Too bad he doesn't know what it's like to be David or Dad. That's all I have to say.
    Well one more thing. Happy Birthday Tyler and tell Bruce Jeff says hi.

  14. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Happy B-Day... Briefly, my X had the same disorder, it's called hateful, isolationist, paranoia. I made that up, after 33 years I knew it too well. And similarly he did the same thing to all his friends and his own (only) son in the way of accusations, stealing, etc. Just wanted to say I'm sorry and that I know how it feels because I was the [only] one that he kept around, being in his 70's he needed someone to take care of him. When I finally had enough I left, too. I know, it took long enough, what can I say, I was weak. I listened to DAC for years and could only see hints of that disorder because I never attended a concert and never delved into his life other then the music. I just felt the need to comment in support of you and this wonderful letter... we're not stars, we're just people but the joy and the pain are the same. Best of luck to you Tyler Linda French

  15. Tyler, it's good to hear your side, i was lucky to spend a week with you, Bruce, Jon, James, Bobby & Nick in Ca a few years ago and what a great bunch of guys. You all treated me like you knew me forever.
    i can say you all worked hard to put a DAC show on. I don't think David will ever understand how hard Bruce, you & the crew work. i have seen hundreds of DAC show but after spending a week on the road with yall i have mad respect for you all
    Bruce as the rest of you is a very honest man and did everything for your dad. wished i had such a hard working & honest guy working for me
    Good luck Tyler and THANK YOU & the crew for treating me so good in CA, it was the best vacation ever

  16. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I saw you guys in Charlotte a few years ago with Dallas Moore. I feel your pain Tyler. I can remember you being the only one left of stage dealing with all sorts of bitching and moaning. If that happened every time you played I have no idea how you did it.

    1. Dallas Moore band is the dope. I cant believe i just saw his name and was speaking to him December 1st about the International Blues Festival. Then DAC on the 2nd filming and recording, and now here i find this amazing young man Tyler. Tyler i looked at your picture and did not get to meet you this weekend and maybe i am learning why. I really understand you and how you feel. I will pay more attention to you and your career. Good luck.

  17. Anonymous12:38 PM

    By : Linda Smith
    I have been around for years , and seen many things , Tyler , very well said ...

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      How are you able to sell sealed vinyl XRated albums on your site as well as Xrated CD's on ebay? Do you own that music? Once you stopped working for David, those sealed albums should be returned to their owner right? Bruce wasn't there in 1978 and 1982, so I'd like to know how they were obtained and why the CD's are on eBay. If there is a legit reason I am all ears.

    2. I'm not sure that Linda opted to be notified of any replies to her comment, so: they can sell those sealed records because they bought them. If you buy a box of sealed DAC records you can re-sell them however you want as physical property. You can't license the music to anyone but you can sell the record just like you could re-sell a t-shirt you bought at a concert.

    3. And this is a whole lot of none of your business but my father sold the rights to his merchandise to Bruce Smith a long time ago.

      If I made that deal with someone and then paid for a whole bunch of CDs to be made, I'd sell them if everything went sour and so would you.

  18. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I don't know what is the truth and not all i know is Great music is not being made...I saw DAC w/Tyler last year in louisville,Jim porters and DAC was all over the place and at the end DAC just walked off stage and Tyler played about 10 minutes of a jam session.It was all a awesome show even the "amateur style" concert...Had a great time and the Outlaws present just magnified the reputation.I wish he would come back,have a band and play his music.Good luck Tyler.

  19. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Btw,i do have some video from that concert and the solo of Tyler..great Musician

  20. Anonymous1:45 PM

    this is very entertaining....i enjoy reading this,,,the whole thing is so sad....i hope yall can make up before its too late..

  21. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Tyler, I dated the drummer, JD, in the DAC band some years ago when you were just starting out. I know that you love your dad and he loves you. I saw it first hand! The best saying that I heard one time was that sometimes you have to love from a distance. Continue to love him and you will end up with no regrets. As for Bruce & Linda, I had the PLEASURE of being around both of them and know that Bruce helped your dad out a lot. He can hold his head up knowing that he's always been a good friend to your dad as well as trying to keep the show afloat! You are a TALENTED musician Tyler. I got to hear you play that guitar when you came on board backstage in Pittsburgh and you were AMAZING then! Keep playing and in addition, know that you have a GREAT heart! : )

  22. I met your dad. He came to my mom's house, made promises, didn't keep them. Mid-80s. My advice: get on with your own life. I'll check back here if you want to ask me anything.

  23. People not understanding copyright law = priceless. Reselling an album or CD is perfectly legal. Making copies is pirating. I don't give a tinker's damn if you're selling original shrink-wrapped copies of anything. I have an s-load of autographed albums and if I felt like selling them, I would. And pictures. And books. If I want to sell them, I can and will. What I cannot do is copy them. Everyone whining about selling merchandise needs to STF down and STF up.

  24. Anonymous1:12 PM

    This is one of the most disgusting human beings I've ever heard of!!

  25. I'm just somebody who stopped in on the page to catch a show for my love Chris, who is a huge! fan of your dad... you only received 5 or 6 messages from me begging to know when they would be another show this last year but I never got a response. So alas, I've ordered Chris a t-shirt.
    I'm taking this moment to respond in regards to your relationship and your dad and I make no excuses for being bold with you young man. Call me what you will but this is true one day you or he will be dead. Dead! think hard on this as I say it to you. I think very hard because if he goes first and most likely he will, you will not ever, I repeat, you will not ever get another chance to hold him, to love him, to smell his smell, feel his touch or breath. You'll have nothing and there won't be any do-overs. He'll be gone. Nothing on this planet that anyone puts in our way should stop us from that ladt chance to experience. Hug your dad...
    And happy belated birthday!!!!!!!
    Sherry Vincent

  26. Great article, Tyler. Well written. Glad you are writing.

  27. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Tyler saw your dad in Daytona for bike week last month... he spoke about his family giving up on him ...praised kid rock for his support and help... but his band and songs just flat out sucked! way off key, out of time , doing mixed up 30 second clips from multiple songs... hard for our group of bikers to watch...(and im a fan) good luck kid you don't need to ride with that cowboy anymore !

  28. I just found your website and I sounded wonderful and refreshing and absolutely cool..truthfully I had no idea your father was David Allan Coe to me that portion is irrelevant other than the fact that it form due to be the great you mean being you are is not my job nor my position in this world to criticize you or judge you but they accept you as a wonderful person you are

    1. Tyler,
      I am very late to this party it appears but I remember you when you were kid. I was a sound engineer with your father for a while back in the 90's. Your dad wanted me to tutor you when you were out with us for a while....very odd...What you have stated here is not only accurate but has been going on for a very very very long time. people coming and going and all the rest of it. I am glad to see you break those chains and hope the best for you.


  29. Anonymous12:55 AM

    I saw him at Hollywood Casino with kim's mom. They both looked dirty and unkempt.

  30. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Tyler, I know about three people who booked your dad back in the 90's. He was a nightmare. I saw one of his riders from back then. It looked like a ransom note. Here's what would happen from that side.

    Back then, he was getting anywhere from $5500 to $7500 a night. He would get three or four offers in a couple of days. You couldn't explain to him those four offers were spread over 8 months. He want to raise his price. Then, nobody would buy dates, which would piss him off. That cycle would repeat countless times.

    I heard an agent say this one time. "No, I have no idea what he's gonna do, YOU talk to him. But, I'll tell you this, you better make sure you have plenty of liquor, because you'll sell twice as much as you usually do."

    The first time I saw him, he pulled up to the agency on Music Row in a limo. He got out of the front seat. I've never seen anybody else drive their own limo. Didn't he have a dude named Shorty or something that used to hang out with him?

    1. I bet that's what went down @ Blondie's in Detroit. David was a no show. Tyler told me "that's not how successful bands operate". But Rosie said about 100 Outlaws showed up, took $5k and split. I kinda gave David the benefit of the doubt over the last few years, but now I believe y'all really did rob Blondie's.

    2. Corey,

      I, personally, will not lose any sleep over what you do or don't believe... but instead of making up a ridiculous story to cover her ass, Rosie should call the POLICE if someone took $5,000 from her, don't you think?

      Also, I definitely do not speak for Outlaws MC but before Rosie decides to write them in as the villains of her next story, she should consider that they might not appreciate having lies told about them.

    3. Assuming Corey's comment was informed by the recent press regarding DAC not playing a Dallas show when the venue wouldn't pay more money than agreed upon in the contract, I don't know ANY of the details regarding what went down that day.

    4. Yep, getting outed for the dirt bag that he is.

  31. mike blue9:07 PM

    happy birthday, tyler. you're a good man. i know you speak the truth. take care, little brother.

  32. Tyler, I have been in those shoes--not as a son of David's, but as a brother who would risk his life for one another. Unfortunately, I saw this same situation multiple times with bands and band members thru DAC's past. I still care deeply for him but his "wife" doesn't seem to care for me because I am an important part of David's past.I actually played on the x-rated albums and often wonder just how many he has actually sold. Anyway, I almost never hear anything from DAC, but what a huge talent he once possessed! I think the current company he keeps has temporarily "blocked" his creativity and those same people are more focused on their own benefit that what is really good or bad for DAC. It was great talking with you and I will come back around sometime and maybe we can pick a tune or 2 Rodeo

  33. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Any music fan from the 1970's always knew that David Allan Coe was a little bit crazy--that was all a part of his raw magic, like he didn't give a rat's ass about what anybody thought of him. But he's an awesome kick-ass songwriter/singer/musician (I honestly don't think I've heard any of his newer music) and he's your dad...What came down between you couldn't be any further from any business of mine, but since you've made it public here I just want to say that I think you showed a LOT of class by staying silent until it came time to protect your honor and the honor of people you care about. Still, he's your DAD...some situations seem impossible but maybe you can someday find it in your heart to forgive him (if that hasn't already happened) and the two of you see at least a little eye-to-eye...God bless ya both! (P.S.) I like your blog and look forward to reading more--especially some of your tarot articles...This is a little early, but happy 30th dude!

  34. Anonymous11:36 PM

    I understand you, Tyler. I have a father that's the same way. [shrug] Just because he's a star doesn't mean he cares. Stay away from people that don't care about you and you'll live a happier life. You weren't born to be a sacrifice for your father or anyone else for that matter. Your life matters, too. If you don't care about you then who will?

  35. Disgusting human beings I've ever heard of!!

  36. Anonymous4:33 PM


  37. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Tyler I believe every word you posted. Your father is awesome but Kimberly Marie on the other hand is definitely out for herself. She could care less about your father and is only in it for the glory and $$. I have a step mother just like her and it is a shame that these women tear families apart for their own gain. Why your father would even tolerate her psychotic rampages is far beyond me. I can say I have never met a colder person than her in all my years. God bless you and I hope some days he sees her as everyone else does before she totally ruins his career and name.

  38. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I just found this blog. Thank you, Tyler. This answered some questions for me. At Daytona Bike Week this year, I was really excited to see the legendary David Allan Coe in concert for the first time. It was the most horrendously awful excuse for music that I have ever seen in my life, and I left during the fifth "song." I use the term "song" loosely, since most of what I saw was long, rambling stories with a weird guitar accompaniment. To add insult to injury, as I walked past a bar to get back to my bike, the bar's stereo was playing "The Ride," as the gods apparently wanted to show me what David Allan Coe would not. Now I understand what happened.

  39. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Stay true to yourself my friend, life is precious and none as important as your own.

  40. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Sherry Vincent said it best but those "subterfuge" situations can make it impossible to work things out when someone allows themself to be manipulated. Love and forgive but always look out for number 1 ! If you don't, who will ? Sorry for the late post I really hope things are better by now with you and your Dad.

  41. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I love David Allan Coe's tribute to Tanya Montana, words and music were so loving. I listen to his music all the time and think he was a great singer/songwriter. He was a very talented musician who will be missed. Did not attend any live concerts.

  42. Anonymous2:39 AM

    I have;nt talked you for some 50 years or more. Since the chosen few in youngstown,ohio do;nt let all of this come between you and your son bullhead.Your a better person then this.,Iam glad I got 3 months age on you old guy.Always liked you music.big jim

  43. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Maybe things will work out, if not professionally with you and your Dad, atleast personally. He's always been a talker on stage and that's cool, I love them old stories he tells. He introduced Squinch who was a seat or two beside me in a standing room only New Daisy Theatre in Memphis Tn about 17 years ago give or take. That was hands down the best show I have ever seen in my life. I remember Mike Blue I believe was his name was his guitar player at the time(feather in his hat). Super nice guy, greeted everyone who came into the theatre that night and no one knew Mike was in the band it seemed but me and all my friends and family sure knew. That night they did medleys, more whole songs than medleys and more of a WHOLE/TOGETHERNESS as a band instead of everyone doing nothing waiting on his (DAC) cue. He told stories and would take a shot and ask the audience something to the effect of if they knew what time it was and we'd all yell,"Jim Beam Time!" as he'd take a shot and toss the empty shot glass not far into the first or second row of people huddled close to the stage. Every 30 or so minutes it was Jim Beam time and him and his band gave us three hours or more of magic. He imitated George Jones, Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon and sang some Shaver, Prine but mostly did his originals he'd written and songs off his new albums at the time,"Recommended For Airplay" and,"Johnny Cash Is A Friend Of Mine". It was like he turned the clock back that night back to the Entertainer, the Songwriter, the Artist that could outwrite and outsing em all in his prime. Even humorously saying on stage when he dies the papers will only remember and give him credit for two songs in his career(as everyone is thinking of commercial success' like Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone & Take This Job And Shove It or You Never Called Me...) and those two songs he said that he'll be remembered by....and with power him and the band dives head first into #^&*y Whipped Again and I'd Like To #&*k The #*&t Out Of You as he went on to say afterwards it had been years since he'd performed those songs on stage. Whether it was or not really wasn't the point as much as it was his presentation and delivery and perfect timing of the story along with the band. Especially with Please Come To Boston, Ride Em Cowboy, Tennessee Whiskey, Spotlight and he spoke about his Son of The South Album and how Willie, Waylon and Jessie sang on Storms Never Last and he sang and mimicked each of their parts as he went into Old Five & Dimers and talked of a guitar pull with Billy Joe Shaver when Waylon heard his songs and recorded Honky Tonk Heroes where every song was Billy Joe's except one. The way he told that story made you see it like you were there. I could go on about that night. A lot of talent he's shared over 50 years since Penitentiary Blues and The Asphalt Jungle...Maybe his personality and moral compass leaves alot to be desired but it takes all kinds. After all hes a singer/songwriter /performer and I can't say it matters to me much how he is away from the microphone or pen and paper. I feel for the family for everything that is going on and hope atleast on a personal level everything gets resolved and works out in one way or another

  44. Anonymous12:51 AM

    . Never be ashamed of any kind of truth. Truth is something no one should ever run from, but run to. Too few choose truth, and it does take a set to tell the truth because truth hurts. If it didn't hurt, truth would be an epidemic instead of damn near extinct. Tyler,best of luck in all your future projects and look forward to many good things to come! The road is tough, and one can only live on the road so long, til the road starts livin on you. I haven't seen your dad in concert in the past couple years to know or to of heard this horrible vocal effect I've read about. It really is sad, knowing what a driving force he was and could still be and I'm sure still is if certain complications could be uncomplicated and taken out of the equation somehow.

  45. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I just want too say i saw you with your dad in cookeville tn a few years back and you had a roger alan wade shirt on so i checked him out ,thanks for turning me on !Also your a bad ass gutair player ,i play harp and gutair and the only thing i have too say about DAC is whats up with the wig LOL

    1. Hi David A Coe, my parents had a camper at Horse Shoe Bend, Lake Milton and was very good friends of your parents. Lots of catfish fishing and eating. Just want to say hi. By the way I'm Jodi

  46. Heya Tyler, My name is Roz, I've got a long history with Shelli, Mike Blue, Harold and Cheryl Marcho. I even met you a couple times waaaay back in the day when you first started hangin on your dads bus. I must say that was a well written post and it made me laugh out loud several times over.

    I can concur that I have seen everything you mentioned happen time and time again. Its a cycle your dad seems to be caught in. I could tell ya some horrible things "she who cannot sing" has done to keep others away from David but Im sure your well aware.

    Good to see you grown up, speaking out, and out in the world doing your thing. looking forward to hearing your solo album!

  47. Hey there, Im a big fan of DAC band... just curios did you look at Dave Coe as more of a singing partner then a father, and what was it like traveling around with one of the greatest country music singers of our time?

  48. I love the DAC tunes...Must have been something else going on touring with him...

  49. Anonymous12:31 AM

    I know this was written years ago, so I hope you actually see this and know the answer. I have tried and tried to find out myself, but I have not found anything. I have memory problems, so this man named Bob from a tornado state named Bob who was a big guy who wore flip flops all the time is someone I need to find or know if he is still alive. He said he played bass in your father's band on tour. This would have been sometime between late seventies to mid eighties. I keep thinking his last name is Cole, but I am not sure. Do ypu know how I can find out past bass players for his bands or do you know him? He filled in a few times when I had a band myself so he is a bass player. That I know to be true. It is important, not a hookup or anything to do with a romantic relationship or music. I believe his last name is Cole and from Oklahoma or state close to Oklahoma or nearby. I know this is asking a lot, but it is important. Is there any way to find past band members who played bass for your father? I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions.

    I am sorry you had to go through all that. I had a stepmother who hated me. Then my father drowned when I was 16 while he was married to her. I know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you so much for reading this. Bless you.

    By the way, my band opened for your father in 1987 in Charlotte, NC, at the Great American Bash, pro wrestling. I live in NC. We were named Travelers Moon. Ironic huh? I am not using my name for a very good reason. I will tell you by email or something if you want to know for any reason. Thanks for any suggestion you may have of how to find his name so I can find him. I am not finding him to cause him any trouble. If you need to know why, i will tell you but not on this forum.

  50. tyler,

    I read what you had wrote up there and man what a life, I been wrestling pro for 20 years and have never seen nothing like that, all I can say is I am not about to judge anyone but it's your life brother do with it as you see fit, I don't know your father but i did see him twice, once in toon town and another at tommy's whiskey river both are in Pennsylvania, I can say however that I wouldn't put it past him to act like that because I did see him one time at casino Niagara and I tried to speak to him to tell him how much I enjoyed his music and he didn't even look at me and turn his back and went back to playing his slots, but i aint complaining it was his choice, i wish you luck in what ever you do man live free,

  51. I have completely surrendered any hope that somewhere there really is a man who a woman never got into and took out, if the great day succumbed to it, I officially accept it's like cancer, it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, no matter how strong, healthy, intelligent, etc. I'm beyond sad to know it happened to one of my music idols, as that's one of the things that made him such a bad ass, and rebel, the illusion he could never be bought, and would never sell out, I too know what it's like to try and balance dad as a boss, and dad as a father, dad as a boss sadly won that argument in my life, and we've never spoken again, good luck buddy, consider me a new fan.

  52. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Is Bruce still around?

  53. I knew there was something about that bitch I didn't like, now I k ow. She just appeared fake and self-absorbed to me. And i also got the feeling from her, that she didn't agave your daddy's best interests at hand, only hers. Shame too, because ya were a damn good band. And your daddy is my favorite singer also. I love his sound.