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  • My name is Tyler Mahan Coe. 
  • Baby Black Widows is my blog. Unless otherwise specified, all materials published to Baby Black Widows were authored by myself. 
  • I am, for now, probably most well-known as a musician, since I spent 13 years as touring guitarist and bandleader for my father, David Allan Coe. I don't do that anymore.
  • It's maybe worth noting that I had the XIII Major Arcanum tattooed on the back of my hand before the above-mentioned change took place. 
  • The cat's name is Zoskia. She technically belongs to my girlfriend, Lotus, but I think you can deduce her preferred snuggling partner. 
  • We all live in Nashville, TN, where I work as a freelance digital marketer and social media specialist. I blog about that at Thee Medea Complex.