Oct 9, 2015

SkyMall + booze = drunkMall

screenshot of drunkMall home page

Probably the only reason I'm not crushed under a boulder of debt right now is that my traveling days came to an end just as in-flight WiFi became a thing.

Falling into the category of people who need to drink before getting on an airplane, giving me a copy of SkyMall and the ability to apply a credit card to outrageous purchases right then and there would have been much too great a temptation for me to resist.

Indeed, if you Google "craziest drunk online purchases" or some such similar query, you'll get a good laugh out of the things your fellow Americans decide they must own while in a drunken state: an entire pallet of Campbell's soup, bagpipes, 10,000 ladybugs - you name it. The true wonder here, though, is that: until now, inebriated e-shoppers had to seek out these products. Until now, there hasn't been a catalog site designed with the buzzed browser in mind, putting everything in on place.

Until drunkMall...

Dec 30, 2014

Stirring the 3-Pound Mini-Bucket of Almond Butter

three pound container of almond butter

I bought a 3 pound mini-bucket of almond butter from Amazon.

When it arrived, the oil had separated and risen to the top of the container. As I am experienced in nut butters, this was no surprise and to be expected. You simply have to mix that mess up. The issue presented by this particular mess of almond butter was the volume, specifically the depth, of the container. No spoon in the house could reach the bottom and provide ample length to grip above The Butter Line.

Dec 21, 2014

The Lovers, or, The Brothers: How to Get Away with Murder Every Day

L'amoureux Marseilles Tarot card Jodorowsky


From The Fool to The Emperor, the cards illustrated an accumulation of massive, individual concepts or energies. In The Hierophant, we reached a point of ("sexual") interaction between those energies. From there down, the Tarot is a theater of play between modes of Consciousness, strengths (or weaknesses) of Will, Physical/Emotional energies, Spiritual states of being... You get the idea; you're alive...

Every bullshit, flea market psychic hopes The Lovers will turn up in a reading. The only card that is more effective in manipulation of a client is XIII, the Nameless Arcanum, often called Death. The true lessons of both cards are more similar than you may first suspect.

Nov 20, 2014

Rebel Heart: The Tanya Montana Coe Interview

Tanya Montana Coe yellow dress wood sundown

Tanya Montana Coe is my little sister. We have the same parents, initials and matching wrist tattoos. It's adorable. Tanya has recently completed her debut album (produced by Shane Tutmarc) and, no surprises, it's amazing. Titled Silver Bullet, it is easily the best collection of songs released by someone named Coe since the mid-'80s. Knowing first-hand the property tax on that name, I couldn't be more proud of her for making this album.

*UPDATE: June 29, 2015*

I'm incredibly happy to announce that Silver Bullet will be released on my label, Thee Medea Complex, on August 30, 2015. When conducting the below interview with Tanya, I had no intentions of forming a label or working with her in any professional capacity.


May 4, 2014

Hierophant: A Secret Shared, or, The Labyrinth

Le Pape card from Marseilles Tarot

The word "mystery" has been used heavily in my Tarot articles, often in reference to concepts supposed to exist beyond the scope of human understanding, like with The High Priestess. The Hierophant brings with him an experiential knowledge, theoretically attainable by all humanity, which is known as "Enlightenment" in many circles. (Ta hiera, "the holy" + phainein, "to show.") The Hierophant lives inside us, allowing occasional glimpses or, sometimes, powerful revelations of a Reality beneath, or imbued within, that which we see in our daily existence. 

Tarot is generally of interest to those persons attracted to the fringe. "Occult" means hidden, of course. These cards were created to hide in plain sight the secrets of practices punishable by death at certain times in history. The Hierophant card, previously "Le Pape," or The Pope, most explicitly reveals this side of Tarot. Very clearly, the main figure of the image is in possession of some power, ability, or wisdom sought by the characters kneeling in front of him. But what?