Jan 26, 2014

I Hate Music, or, How I Learned to Reset My Head

Guy Playing Accordion with S.T.F.U. stamp

With a singer-songwriter as a father, one would assume that I grew up in a home with music always in the air. This was not the case. When I was young, my father actively avoided listening to music and his temperament was such that when he did something, everyone in the home did it. We didn't listen to albums. In the car, the radio was always off.

When you're a kid, you just go with the flow because everything's normal, right?

"Sometimes when we go outside, people go apeshit and take pictures of us. We get on stage and all of those people are now somewhere behind the blinding lights while the music happens. Then we go home, there are no screaming people, and there is no music."

It made sense to me, I guess.

Jan 20, 2014

How to Optimize Your Caffeine Intake

coffee grounds chopped up in lines like cocaine as a joke

Every year, Americans consume approx. 12 million pounds of coffee & 3.6 billion gallons of tea. As a nation, the United States is wired. [And we aren't even in the Top Ten!] Until this year, I counted myself among the green tea drinkers; a cup of java always hit me too strong and left me with jaw/muscle tension and a significant level of anxiety. My whole life I've heard about the benefits of drinking coffee. In 2012, I heard Dave Asprey (of The Bulletproof Executive), on the Joe Rogan podcast, talking about his Bulletproof Coffee recipe: using MCT oil and Kerrygold butter. Knowing the benefits of butter, MCT oil, and other healthy fats, I made my own version with matcha. That's been my daily, healthy breakfast since. Then, one morning, a couple of months ago, I ran out of matcha and decided to use some of my girlfriend's coffee in the recipe.

Oh, baby...

Jan 6, 2014

KnockOut Shave: Reviewed

Knockout Shave boxing glove official logo

Men and women of Earth, in case you missed my overview of traditional wet shaving and don't know it yet, you don't have to hate shaving. There are many great companies manufacturing products you should know about. [Some I've reviewed, like Barrister & Mann or Synergy.] The fine folks over at KnockOut Shave were kind enough to send out some samples of the four shaving creams they offer. Let me tell you, these are probably the best performing/smelling shaving creams I'll have the pleasure of using this year, if not ever. KO has also been kind enough to give Baby Black Widows an exclusive discount code for 20% off all creams and their heavy duty shaving mug.* CODE EXPIRED 

[KO Shave has undergone major renovations since this article. Unless the names have been changed, they no longer offer any of the scents reviewed here but I'm leaving them in case anyone needs a review for trading purposes. I've contacted KO about sending another review parcel my way, as their prices have dropped since I wrote this, so I'd really like to keep them on your radar.]