Dec 11, 2014

A Baby Black Widows Christmas: Volume 2

A Baby Black Widows Christmas: Volume 2

Merry Christmas, again.

Christmas music is stupid.* However, I am of the philosophy that one shouldn't criticize without also offering something of substance as an alternative. So here is A Baby Black Widows Christmas: Vol. II! [If you missed the first one, it's surprisingly still available: A Baby Black Widows Christmas]

I have masterfully sequenced and segued a fantastic compilation of music representative of what I was listening to this year. You have two options below, a single, 70 minute file or the Patty Pusscake version, which is separated into three parts. Both options include the cover art. This compilation is intended only as an introduction to some music with which you may be unfamiliar. If you do happen to enjoy any of this music, you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own copies and support the artists.

Happy Holidays.

01 Harry Nilsson - "Ain't It Kinda Wonderful" from Knnillssonn (1977) [Amazon]

02 The Trinity Schill Kill - "Surrender to Love" from demos [Amazon]

03 Emitt Rhodes - "Mirror" from Mirror (1971) [Amazon]

04 The Only Ones - "Miles from Nowhere" from Even Serpents Shine (1979) [Amazon]

05 Gang of Four - "If I Could Keep It for Myself" from Solid Gold (1981) [Amazon]

06 The Walker Brothers - "Death of Romance" from Nite Flights (1978) [Amazon]


07 Kate Bush - "Experiment IV" from This Woman's Work (1981-1989) [Amazon]

08 C-Schulz - "Ufer: Part 1" from 4. Film Ton (1994) [Amazon]

09 Psychic Ills - "Depot" from One Track Mind (2013) [Amazon]

10 MX-80 Sound - "PCB's" from Hard Attack (1977) [Amazon]

11 The Monorchid - "X Marks the Spot: Something Dull Happened Here" from Who Put Out the Fire? (1998) [Amazon]

12 Suicide - "Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne" from Suicide (1980) [Amazon]

13 Tones on Tail - "Performance" from Pop (1984) [Amazon]

14 Brad Laner - "Find Out" from Neighbor Singing (2007) [Amazon]


15 Dum Dum Girls - "Lost Boys and Girls Club" from Too True (2014) [Amazon]

16 The Rolling Stones - "Heaven" from Tattoo You (1981) [Amazon]

17 The Chameleons - "The Fan & The Bellows" from The Fan & The Bellows (1981-1983) [Amazon]

18 Throbbing Gristle - "United"

19 Thisquietarmy - "The Panning Ice Age Experiment" from Wintersleeper (2005) [Amazon]

20 Pyramids - "End Resolve" from Pyramids (2008) [Amazon]

21 Leadbelly - "Goodnight Irene"


P.S. I hope to find more time in 2015 to write for the site, particularly the Tarot series.

*Don't try to catch me on a technicality, here. If James Brown recorded a Christmas song, yeah, it's probably fucking awesome. Anything titled "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire," "The First Nöel" or the like... I hope all of the publishing got lost in a fire and Spotify is making a KILLING off of it without having to pay a dime to anyone even remotely related to whoever is responsible for creating that shit.

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