Apr 27, 2014

Smart Drugs: An Aniracetam Testimonial

Chemical Structure of Modafinil Compound

From Popeye to The Nutty Professor to Limitless, the fantasy theme of an individual discovering a secret weapon which gives them an advantage over the rest of society is nothing new in fiction. And if we've learned anything from Jules Verne it's that fiction doesn't stay on the page when technology catches up to the human imagination. Now, it is quite possible that alchemy chemistry has found the key...

Nootropics, a.k.a. smart drugs, are actually nothing new. You've taken them. Caffeine is a smart drug. Bulletproof Coffee is an even stronger smart drug. Dave Asprey, arguably the man responsible for popularizing butter/MCT oil in coffee, somewhere in his many dealings with business executives, Wall Street analysts and biohackers, was introduced to Modafinil (Provigil or Nuvigil), a prescription-only (in America) nootropic that is purported to enhance several aspects of brain function. Basically, you're still you but more... faster... focused... ready... And when Dave Asprey finds out about something, he doesn't keep it a secret...

Now, after staying underground for decades, used only by the daring few, communicating through little-populated corners of the Internet, the doors to the smart drug community have blown wide open. Check out r/nootropics for thread after thread of "Where can I buy Modafinil online? What about Provigil, ModaVigil, Noopept, Choline, CILTEP, Alpha Brain, -racetam, -racetam, -racetam. Is this safe? Is that safe? How big a dose should I take? Is this going to get me high?"

I've taken a lot of drugs chosen to experiment on myself with several of these so-called smart drugs.

Wanna read about it?

My life changed, drastically, about a year ago. Perhaps due to my emotional involvement in the situation, the full consequences of those developments did not become apparent to me. Gradually, however, I realized that I was going to need to find a new way to make money. (Despite whatever assumptions you may have about me, I am not nor have I ever been wealthy, not that it's any of your business.) Long story short, the percentage of employers in Springfield, MO who consider touring in a band for over a decade as "demonstration of loyalty to applicant's previous place of employment," or even "a job history," hovers somewhere between zero and zero. So, after receiving no callbacks from even the shittiest telemarketing companies in town, I resorted to "donating" my blood plasma twice a week for grocery money and grew somewhat more despondent about my prospects by the day. Then, a package from overseas arrived in the mail...

Chemical Structure of Aniracetam Compound

[Obligatory Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is this article a recommendation to anyone that you attempt to purchase, or otherwise obtain, chemicals legal, illegal or unclassified. New forms and combinations of nootropics are becoming available all the time, without certainty of any short- or long-term effects caused by human ingestion. Seriously, I'm probably an idiot for taking this stuff without having any idea of the consequences. I certainly do not recommend that you ever ingest any chemicals of any kind, ever. All chemicals are bad.]

The package contained two bottles of aniracetam, which I'd ordered before lack of income became an urgency but had taken a while to arrive since the best price I'd found was from a seller in Europe. I was already in possession of a choline supplement, which is known to enhance the effects of aniracetam because science (which is why it's included in Alpha Brain).

So, with nothing on the agenda for the day and thinking, worst case scenario, I could probably sue somebody if I had a seizure or whatever, I took two aniracetam pills and one choline pill. (I do recall the exact dosage but I shan't be giving that information in this article because I do not want anyone doing something because I did it.)

I didn't notice any effects for maybe twenty minutes after ingesting the chemicals. Gradually, though, I began to experience time. What I mean by that is, in most day-to-day activities, time passes. "It was this time five minutes ago, it's this time now and it will be that time then," is the way we generally experience time; it's a measurement we periodically check throughout the day. But, under the effects of these chemicals, time became something that I was doing. I could feel the future becoming the present and fading into the past, not unlike states of mind I've heard an LSD trip can induce, except, riding on these "waves of time" were ideas, realizations about my current state of affairs, epiphanies...

A Model of Einsten's Theory of Relativity

Sitting in my room, I received a flood of solutions to the problems hanging over my head throughout the previous weeks:

  • I can play guitar. Yes, but I had no idea "how" I was doing it, as music theory had never interested me. But I now supposed that, given my extensive practical experience with the instrument, it should be no problem to gain the rudimentary knowledge required to begin privately instructing others for supplemental income
  • I'm "good at" social media. Years of forced social interaction through being perceived as somewhat of a celebrity in smalltown America have pretty much annihilated the panicky anxiety of my younger years, with the result that, now, I'm able to interact with people on a level which they enjoy. As a matter of fact, it's pretty clear from glancing at the notifications on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, there are many people who make a point of checking my timelines on a weekly basis to catch up on things they may have missed.
  • I know the music business. Specifically, I'm familiar with what does and doesn't work in many separate areas of the music industry. Many people in the business only become expert in one or two fields. 
  • I can write. Several years previous, I began posting excerpts from the personal journals I kept while touring. This series of posts became popular far beyond my expectations, considering the subject matter revolved entirely around myself and my (unique) experience of the world. The fact that people enjoyed and anticipated reading those posts - and you're still reading this - means I'm able to produce compelling material. 
Those are a few examples of the revelations that came with that first nootropic experience. Truthfully, these and other huge concepts were arriving in such rapid succession, with each new moment, that I began to wonder if I would retain any of this information. (Again, I've heard that many of the metaphysical/spiritual attainments experienced through psychedelic drug use become difficult to access once one has returned to a "normal" mode of consciousness.) I did not want to lose a single one of these solutions, so I, excitedly, sought out my roommate, Peter, and engaged him in enthusiastic conversation about what was happening to me.

Speaking felt very strange. My total involvement with the passage of time meant that my vocal apparatus was "in the past," tasked with verbalizing five-thoughts-ago concepts, while my mind was presently dealing with the concepts being brought to me by the future... Does this make sense? Probably not. Anyway, this "time surfing" quality stabilized pretty quickly after I began communicating with another person and, to my delight, I discovered that I did have access to the contents of my thoughts over the past hour or so.

The results of that first dose and continued use of aniracetam?

  • In one week, I was able to acquire an understanding of music theory, the limit of which I've yet to reach with any of my guitar students. 
  • I did begin a private tutoring practice
  • To be certain my popularity in writing and on social media had little to do with the circumstances of my birth, I began an anonymous Twitter account which, through its followers, currently has a reach of over 800,000 people, without resorting to any sort of spamming tactics or mass following. 
  • Before long, a friend's gift of a trip to Austin turned into a Public Relations/Social Media position with SSMusic Company
  • I began this website, which has achieved a level of acclaim far beyond anything I could have expected. (Thank you... All of you...)
  • I'm currently responsible for the social media strategy & management at (what I believe to be) the single best live music complex in Nashville, TN, where every day brings the satisfaction of putting to immediate use the things I've learned, tracking what succeeds and improving my efforts.
I am not saying aniracetam made these things possible. I've never been a stupid person; I was always at the top of my class in school. My experience with aniracetam was something of a reorganization and integration of knowledge I already had. Where, before, I saw my assemblage of self as something chaotic, I now feel a synergistic composition to the various aspects of myself and my actions in the world. My experiences in the music industry made for my second most-read article on this website: 5 Mistakes Made by Musicians. The lessons I learn from operating this website are put to use at my work in Nashville.

The sensory effects of that first dose were never repeated with aniracetam or any other nootropic, you should know. It was just that once. Perhaps some sort of chemical deficiency was being addressed and that was the experience of my brain stabilizing itself to a new mode of operation. It's entirely possible that it was something of an LSD flashback. (Yeah, joking aside, it's kind of a matter of public record that I have experience with that chemical.) I have no idea. When I dose with nootropics now, there is no perceptible shift in my consciousness. I continue to use them, however, because there is no question that I am functioning in a manner vastly superior to how I was one year ago. They go right in the Bulletproof Coffee in the morning...

Thank you for your time. Are there any questions?


In addition to aniracetam, I've used noopept, phenylpiracetam and pramiracetam, with and without a choline supplement (and/or raw egg yolks). I have noticed certain qualities of thought induced by each but these differ from accounts I've read elsewhere, so I'm hesitant to post that information here, lest anyone quote me as an authority.

I have not used Alpha Brain, advertised on the banner above, but its active ingredients include aniracetam, choline and 5-htp, all things I do take separately. (It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and is totally legal, if I simply can not dissuade you from ingesting chemicals.

I've yet to try CILTEP (Forskolin plus artichoke extract) but I've heard and believe good things.

I've never taken Modafinil under any name brand.

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