Dec 30, 2013

Lulu: Crashing Your Shares of Love

crashing stock ticker superimposed over valentines heart

According to its website, Lulu is the "first-ever app for girls" and "a private network for girls to share insights on love and life." My understanding of Lulu is that it is an app designed exclusively for heterosexual females to select pre-written, less-than-insightful hashtags and apply them exclusively to males, presumably also heterosexual, whom the female is either friends with or related to, or wants/has tried to bang, or has banged. [I'm writing like an immature moron on purpose. You'll see.]

The question thus becomes: if Lulu isn't exactly the new face of "grrrl power" what is it? And what does it mean for all of us?

Dec 28, 2013

The Great Netflix Expiry of 2013

movies expiring from Tyler Coe's Netflix Instant Watch Queue
Movies Expiring from My Netflix Instant Queue

My Netflix Instant Watch queue is out of control. Yours probably is, too. At the end of every year, the contracts Netflix has with various film companies expire and avid fans of Instant Watch scramble to see the movies expiring from their queue. [Don't pretend like you have a life and this doesn't affect you. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.] I got lucky this year and only have about 15 movies expiring from my queue, some of which I've seen before or don't really care if I do get to see. I'm still going to try to watch them all. [Here's an earlier piece on my love for cinema.] I'll be adding mini-reviews as I work my way through the list:

Dec 23, 2013

A Baby Black Widows Christmas Compilation

custom artwork for A BABY BLACK WIDOWS CHRISTMAS featuring Orson Welles and a duck

Merry Christmas, everybody.

This here is a collection of songs that represent what I was listening to in 2013. I have taken the time to edit them together in a sensible, interesting sequence. I do know that a seamless, non-skippable 75 minute slab of mp3 isn't desirable to all, so I've also made a segmented version available that is divided into three sections. Choose your own adventure. The cover art is included in either download. These download links will only be functional for two weeks apparently forever. Get it now if you want it. These songs are intended only as an introduction to some music with which you may be unfamiliar. If you do happen to enjoy any of this music, you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own copies and support the artists.

Happy Holidays.

Dec 16, 2013

How to Shave and Not Bleed Yourself Dry, Literally or Financially

Tyler Mahan Coe holding a safety razor

I've been granted the opportunity of reviewing more wet shaving products here on Baby Black Widows. As those articles are forthcoming it appears necessary that we cover exactly what and why wet shaving is. As I said in a previous article on seasonally scented shave soaps, it's a Thing. Perhaps in your idle clickings through the Internet you've stumbled upon wicked_edge or the Shave Nook and thought, "Shave in the manner of my great-grandparents? What new Hell is this? No old safety razor can outperform my 5-blade, vibrating cartridge!" Well, I'm here to tell you, sometimes innovation is not your friend! We are now living in one of those times, cousins! Why, just the other day I was nearly run down in the thoroughfare by one of these horseless carriages and I says to my gal, I says...

But, seriously, the old timers had this one right.

Dec 9, 2013

Eat Y'Self Fitter: Disregard These Myths of Health

standard food group pyramid stamped with THIS IS BULLSHIT

Do you get annoyed when people go on and on about how they've started "juicing" and cutting out fatty foods? Me too. Not because they're trying to better themselves but because they're usually going about it the wrong way, with bandwagon blindness. Here at Baby Black Widows, we do care about health. That's why we find out why we're supposed to do whatever everyone says to do. So, today, let's look at why you should eat as much healthy fat as you feel like eating and why NOT to consume only juice for a week (or even longer) to "cleanse" your system.

Dec 1, 2013

Some Seasonally Scented Shave Soaps: Barrister & Mann "Hallows" vs. How to Grow a Moustache "Pumpk'n 3.14"

Sharpologist Scent Off logo designed by Douglas Smythe

Single blade shaving is a whole Thing. [Here is my overview of traditional wet shaving.] You either do it or you don't and, if you do, you really, really do. At least, that's what a passing glance at the internet community built around wet shaving would lead one to believe.